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Maybe it's a great indie songstress, maybe it's a little-known weekend getaway, a secret art deco antique sale, an incredible new après-work joint, or the amazing little atelier that opened quietly in the laneway.

Whatever it is, you want to be the first to know.

Never will we endorse something that we haven't personally tasted, tried on, doused ourselves with, poured down our throats or otherwise experienced in person. We want only the best of the best for our readers.

As we grow, we will occasionally send out a "Sponsored" email on behalf of select partners that will be clearly marked as such in the subject line. And in some cities we send out exclusive "Steals & Deals" tip sheets from our sponsors. Just like flipping past ads in a print magazine, it’s up to you whether you stop to look. But because the deals are so good, almost all of you do!

Our privacy policy clearly states that we will not sell your email address to anyone even if they offer us an unlimited account at Holt's. And that means we're serious.

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