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Top 5: Quirky DVD Rentals

January 6, 2008

Our staff lets you in on the best DVDs to grace their players this year.

Maria, Copy chief
The Lookout
This under-the-radar gem examines a fallen high school hockey star who, after suffering a devastating brain injury, tries to regain his life and is manipulated into becoming a bank heist "lookout."

Sarah, Editor-in-chief
The Lost Boys of Sudan is like a modern The Gods Must Be Crazy, following the fate of thousands of orphaned children who walked across the desert to safety, and the two who were chosen to go to America.

Athena, Toronto editor
This sweet and poignant charmer explores the disrupted family dynamic of a North Carolina brood when the prodigal sonand his chic new wifereturn to his childhood home in North Carolina for a brief visit from the big city.

Tara, Publisher
This refreshing and truthful modern musical follows a down-and-out musician and a Czech immigrant in Dublin falling in love while writing and recording music: a 2007 critical favourite.

Marianne, Montreal editor
Freaks & Geeks: The Complete Series
Executive produced by Knocked Ups Judd Apatow, this dry comedy series makes us feel a lot better about our own tortured high school years.


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