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June 18, 2008

Cirque du Soleil’s majestic blue and yellow tents have arrived in
Vancouver (hurrah!). Herewith, our favourite moments from Corteo:

1. We were hooked from the moment we snapped up a glass of B.C. white
wine and were actually able to bring it inside the big tent minus any
annoying security guards. Vive Vancouver!

2. Yes there is the elaborate mis-en-scene that we’ve come to expect
from every Cirque show, but what wowed us most was the incredible feats
of athleticism and raw energy that channeled the troupe’s early years in
Old Montreal.

3. The whimsical Latin- and French-inspired music that brings tears to
the eyes, makes you giggle and then leaves you humming uncontrollably
for days on end.

4. The quirky storyline that weaves the death of a circus clown into a
humorous yet sensitive plot that appeals to young and old.

5. The sighs of wonder that flow from grown-ups lips as if they were 2
feet tall again.

6. The beautiful trapeze acts where one rather fit acrobat (read: ripped
within an inch of his life) hangs from his lover’s ponytail while
seducing her airborne.

7. The vivacious little person who floats amongst the crowd, giggling
and bouncing on their arms while attached to some six balloons.

8. Enjoying intermission under the stars to the beats of Cirque
percussionists. Conga line anyone?

9. The death-defying trapeze acts: a performer climbs a wire on an
incline that would kick Grouse’s butt.

10. Did we mention you can drink during the show?!

Corteo is on now until July 20, for ticket info click here.


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