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Aussie Rules

July 30, 2008

Come nightfall, we occasionally relish a night with the tube. But were
so over Merideth and McDreamy in reruns.

Kath and Kim,
the outrageous Australian comedy with an international cult following
and loads of critical acclaim, chronicles the cringe-worthy life of
mother and daughter frenemieswith painfully hilarious results.

The dysfunctional suburban duo lives for fake nails, foxy outfits and
sensible advice. Mother Kims weight loss secret? I did it the old
fashioned way… laxatives and smokes.
And when self-absorbed
daughter Kath is feeling down, mom always has a kind word, I’m not
criticizing you, I’m just saying you look bad

Theyll be your boozy new BFFs in no time.

Buy the four seasons on DVD (from $40 AUD) and discover all things Kath
and Kim before the American version arrives this fall.


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