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September 17, 2008

As the sun sets earlier, so does our patience for shallow-end summer
blockbusters. Good thing the Vancouver
International Film Festival
starts next week. Here is a must-see
liststraight from the insiders.

3 Women
Three generations of Iranian women
explore questions of cultural identity and their countrys heritage in
this realist drama, which Variety called, A compelling
sociological portrait.

Dunya & Desie
The Netherlands selection
for the Best Foreign Language Film Oscar, this film touches on issues of
family and fitting in, giving an honest perspective of the teenage
experience far from Disneys High School Musical hallways.

Growing Op
A satirical snapshot of one
frustrated young man stuck in a suburban existence by which mom and pop
make their living selling home-grown marijuana. Sound familiar?

Mike Leigh, director of the
Oscar nominated Vera Drake, takes a few of that films actors
and trades crime drama for spirited comedy. Lead Sally Hawkins landed
the best actress prize at this years Berlin Film Festival for her
portrayal of Poppy, a primary school teacher and eternal optimist.

I’ve Loved You So Long
As a woman released
from prison trying to rebuild her relationship with her estranged sister
and regain her place in society, Kirstin Scott Thomas supplies a praise
worthy performance.

Maman Est Chez Le Coiffeur
This ’60s period
piece from Canadian Léa Pool provides a poignant and poetic portrait of
three young children as they struggle with abandonment in their own
unique ways.

Mothers & Daughters
A comedic drama
from Vancouver director Carl Bessai that explores the complicated
dynamics between three mother/daughter pairs. Making it even more
interestingthe film is improvised.

Rachel Getting Married
Anne Hathaway stars
as a self-destructive force of nature who returns home to wreak havoc on
her sister’s wedding in Philadelphia director Jonathan Demme’s

The film festival runs September 25 to October 10, 2008. Order tickets
and see schedules at



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