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Fete accompli

November 21, 2008

With the holidays around the corner everyone will be entertaining. Here
are a few secrets to being a hassle-free hostess.

Unless you have a fleet of staff, get everything done before hand (ie:
if its pasta have your sauce ready and water on a simmer before your
guests arrive).

Table-top cooking like fondue
and hot rock is a
fuss-free way to break bread and the ice with your guests. Throw in a
tossed salad and some condiments and youre off.

Dont be too purist. Stock cubes, ready-roll pastry and tinned tomatoes
are all more than acceptable and no one will ever taste the difference.

Grown-up dinner invitations shouldnt extend to dogs unless they are
impeccably behaved. Ditto to children.

Check with your guests if they have any food intolerances. Food fads and
diets do not apply. Youre not running a restaurant.

Seat the good talkers next to the good listeners, buy twice as much wine
as you need, and everything will be ok.



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