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crocker challenged

December 19, 2008

Sometimes, a girl has got to cheat. We cant all be good at everything,
even if we like to pretend.

Were talking about baking, of course.

If its not your forte or, if you just dont have the time to bake that
bundt cake, well let you in on a little secret. That poppy seed strudel
loaf we brought over for dinner last week was not homemadewell, not in
our home at least. While perusing the newly expanded Community
Natural Foods
, we came across a variety of Christmas baking. Were
talking fruitcake, butter tarts and cookies galore. Impress your
health-nut friends with the wheat-free and gluten-free offerings that
you made all on your own (wink, wink).

Now, if only our grandmother could be fooled.

Community Natural Foods, 1304 10th Ave. SW, Calgary, 403-229-2383 and
202 61st Ave. SW, Calgary, 403-541-0606,


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