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December 19, 2008

With so many friends dropping by, were spending plenty of time in the
kitchen. Thanks to a few little tricks, we wont need to call on Santas
elves to make holiday magic:

1. Lemons and limes are juicier after being zapped in the microwave for
15 seconds.

2. Doing battle with lumpy brown sugar can ruin holiday baking. It will
stay smooth as silk if stored in an air tight container with a piece of

3. Not sure if eggs are up to Betty Crockers standard? Place one in a
bowl of cold waterif it floats to the top, reach for a fresh dozen.

4. When it comes to spice, everythings nice. Just remember that a
tablespoon of fresh herbs (always your first choice) is equivalent to
1/3 a teaspoon of the dried variety.

5. Everybody loves a glass of vino. To reach the perfect temp, chill red
wine for five minutes and remove white wine from the fridge five minutes
before serving.

Ho ho ho!


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