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ferry godmother

January 8, 2009

When it comes to boat rides, wed rather be ferrying between the balmy
Fiji Islands this time of year. But In lieu, a more pleasurable glide
across the Strait of Georgia will do.

On a recent ocean voyage to Vancouver Island we tried out the Seawest
and were convinced theres no better way to sail (other than
Clooneys private yacht that is). Available on four ships in the BC
Ferries fleet, the lounge offers a quiet, cozy atmosphere, private
washroom and its very own newsstand where you can borrow fashion mags
just like you would at the hair salon. Also included are complimentary
bevvies and healthy snacks like almonds, cheeses and granola bars to
keep the greasy burger cravings at bay.

The $10 fee is well worth it when you find yourself disembarking cool,
calm and caught up on celeb gossip with nary an arcade game ringing in
your ear.


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