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Phoenix from the flames

January 16, 2009

Montrealers are notorious creatures of habit, so when Continental
went up in flames last July there were collective cries of despair up
and down St-Denis.

Now this beloved bistro has risen from the ashes in a new home down the
street. Loyal customers will find the same green leather stools, cozy
vibe, attentive staff and market-fresh food (by new chef Sophie Juneau).

We recently enjoyed a delicious spot of lunch with owner Alain Rochard.
While we savored a lovely glass of Le Régal du Loup red ($7.85) and beef
carpaccio ($10.50), this charming foodie regaled us with stories of his Loire
Valley vineyard
and passion for his loyal customersyoull even find
him serving meals on Friday nights.

Welcome back!

Bistro Continental, 4007 Saint-Denis, Montreal, 514-845-6842,



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