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So Cheesy

January 23, 2009

Is it possible to live on toasted cheese sandwiches alone?

Since discovering Chabichou,
a new gourmet cheese boutique in the Annex, weve craved nothing but
gooey Swiss cheese melted between slices of warm, crunchy rye bread.

Of course there is Chabichou (a soft French cheese), as well as a robust
selection of fondue cheeses (Gruyère), blue cheeses (St. Agur) and
triple cream cheeses from Quebec (Baluchon). A selection of cured meats
and artisinal breads (from Jules in Mount Pleasant) are also on offer as
are some wonderful homemade pates, gravlax, pots of crème brûlée and
dauphinoise potatoes.

On the pantry shelf youll find aged balsamic vinegars, herbal teas from
Mariage Frère, lavender honey, cookery books and other goodies.

Its hard to leave empty handed, and impossible to leave without a
toasted cheese sarni for the road.

Chabichou, 196 Borden St., Toronto, 647-430-4942,



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