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DIY: Matchbooks to Notebooks

February 19, 2009

How-to create mini notebooks from matchbooks.

Inspired by our favourite crafty couple and keepers of The
Curiosity Shoppe
, we took our old matchbooks collecting dust at the
bottom of our drawers and turned them into mini books for making notes

1. Gently pull out the staple from the matchbook and remove the old
insert that held the matches in place.



2. Measure the interior of the matchbook and uniformly cut small pieces
of paper (about 12-15) to fit inside.



3. Measure where the bottom flap that folds up will lay against your
pieces of paper and run a few at a time through an unthreaded sewing
machine to create perforations (enabling you to tear out the pages).

4. Tuck your tiny stack of paper underneath the flap of your matchbook
and staple them in.



Now your matchbook is a match bookuse it to get numbers from those you
deem a perfect match.



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