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Five Things we Love About: MARKET by Jean-Georges

February 20, 2009

Legendary chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten has brought his culinary
elegance to Vancouvers new Shangri-La Hotel and its truly top-shelf.
Herewith, our short list of why MARKET
is so marvelous.

1. A choice of three different, equally ravishing rooms to chow down in:
the light, white formal dining room, the modern lounge with marble bar,
or the chic café. Actually, make that fourcome spring therell also be
the outdoor terrace for tossing back cocktails in the noonday sun.

2. The astonishing $28 lunch menu that lets you pick any two items (we
chose tuna tartar and truffle pizza) plus dessert. Cest bon!

3. The swish servers who politely push your chair in for you, yet know
when to make themselves scarce.

4. That as deep as the wine list is, you can order their homemade
jasmine lemonade and be just as impressed.

5. The feeling that even though you havent left the city, you could be
anywhere in the world.

MARKET by Jean-Georges, 1115 Alberni St., Vancouver, 604-695-1115,



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