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March 4, 2009

Sixties folk-rock resurges, disco-era jumpsuits return and shoulder pads
straight out of the Eighties get a second lifeis it any surprise vinyl
records are having a revival too?

More and more bands are releasing albums in analog format and friends
have started hosting listening parties, so we too are taking the 12 for
a spin again. And weve found the perfect little player to try out our
new, old hobby on. The Numark
Portable Turntable
is the same square size as the classic LP,
connects to your stereo system or plays through its built-in speaker,
and goes absolutely anywhere (thanks to battery power).

It also connects to your computer, so if you jones for modern technology
again, that Olivia Newton-John record can also get digital.

$175 at Vancouver Special, 3612 Main St., Vancouver, 604-568-3673,



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