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Knowin’ Cohen

March 11, 2009

Tickets to Leonard Cohens April concert in Calgary disappeared faster
than you could say Hallelujah earlier this month.

Nothing compares to seeing the legend live but covers of his famous
tunes will never stop popping up. Since its release in 1984, Hallelujah
has been recorded by 100 artists.

But one of the most unique takes on Cohens music, even according to
Cohen himself, is flamenco singer Enrique Morentes Omega.

Collaborating with Spanish rock group Lagartija Nick, Morente mixes
traditional flamenco with Cohens music and the lyrics of famed poet
Federico Garcia Lorca (also a Cohen favourite, after who he named his
daughter Lorca).

A remastered version was recently released and is now available
exclusively in digital format on
with a bonus track featuring Sonic Youth.

And yes, in addition to Take this Waltz and First We Take Manhattan,
Hallelujah flamenco-style made the cut.

Omega, 8.99 at



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