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Art Attack

March 16, 2009

Our doodles probably wont make it into MoMA, nor can a portrait of our
visage outmatch Mona Lisabut with a little cigarette foil Vitamin Daily
readers can help Douglas Coupland make art.

The author and artists latest project explores the way teenagers trash
photos, whether it be using a Bic to give an ex-boyfriend black teeth
and devil horns in the yearbook or whiting out Claudia Schiffers eyes on
a Guess billboard. And while those common tools of the trade like liquid
paper and ballpoints are easy to come by, Coupland is short on shiny
stuff that comes inside tobacco packs and is calling on Vitamin Daily
readers to spread the word and share their foil spoils.

For more information on where to send your done-with Dunhills, head to
the forum.



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