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June 17, 2009

Pop quiz: Name the youngster who won the Gastown Grand Prix (now Tour de
Gastown) in 1991

Answer: Lance Armstrong

We learned that little nugget at Velo-City, the latest exhibit
on cycling culture
at the Museum of Vancouver (formerly Vancouver
Museum). On your visit get up close and personal with an arsenal of
customized bikes, from a make-out chopper outfitted with a red
heart-shaped frame and extra long banana seat to a three penny-farthing
that looks like it rode right off the pages of a Dr. Suess story.

Once you get your fix of fixies (a bike with no gears or brakes favoured
by couriers), mark your calendar for July 13 when they screen Les
Triplettes de Belleville
in Vanier Park.

Velo-City runs until September 7, 2009 at Vancouver Museum, 1100
Chestnut St., Vancouver, 604-736-4431,



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