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July 31, 2009

Gnudi: ignudi, nudi, or nudi ravioli are what Florentines call the
loosely packed spinach-and-ricotta dumplings that look like slightly
overgrown gnocchi.

We asked Greg Bolton of Torontos Pantry
to share his recipe made with homegrown Red Fife flour ($9.99 for a 2.5
kilo bag) and Ontario Buffalo ricotta.

1lb Buffalo ricotta
1 large egg,
1/3 cup Pecorino Romano cheese, grated super-fine, plus extra
for serving
Big pinch of salt
Big pinch of black pepper
3/4 cup
Red Fife flour, plus extra for dusting

Get a pot of salted water boilingpreferably a
pretty large one.

In a large bowl, combine ricotta, egg, cheese, salt, pepper, flour. Mix
it up until you’re able to roll it into small logs of about an inch in
length, then flatten them slightly on a pre-floured surface and flip
them around a bit so they’re dredged nicely in the flour. Don’t be too
fussy, imperfection is definitely part of the charm here.

Carefully shake off each log a bit after dusting and lay it off onto a
plate or pan. They’ll be pretty delicate, so be gentle.

Once all dough has been formedand your water’s at a rapid boilgently
ease the gnudi into the water. Be careful not to overcrowd the pot. If
you need to, work in batches.

After 3-4 minutes, the gnudi should be floating on the surface. Fish
them out with a slotted spoon and place on warmed plates or a warmed
platter if you’re eating family style.

Serve with Pantrys homemade San Marzano sauce ($5.50 for half-litre jar)
and some Pecorino cheese.

Pantry, 974 College St., Toronto, 416-364-2495,



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