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August 27, 2009

Were dreaming of an Indian summer but from what Mother Nature had in
store the last few months, well be lucky if the sun doesnt set before
Labour Day.

So for the final days of the season, were heading north every chance we
get. The Minnewanka
is our go-to spot for sunbathing and frolicking in the water.

Have your pick of Two Jack Lake, Lake Minnewanka, or Johnson Lake. The
first two are a chillier than the last so not for the faint of heart
(but there are plenty of options for kayaking, canoeing or hiking
nearby). Johnson Lake, the warmest of the three, is ideal for water
babies and it’s the prime place to mingle with locals. For added
excitement, the rope swing located on the opposite side of the lake is
endless entertainment and fun.

Follow the signs for the loops turnoff, just before Banff, or better
yet, trail the cool kids with the Coronas and milk the summer for all
thats left.

Get directions here.


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