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September 10, 2009

Witty, fabulous and debonair, Shinan Govani gets invited to more parties
than Guy Ritchie. In between launching his new book, Boldface
, and prepping for TIFF, the celebrity raconteur took a
few moments to share some festival scoop.

So many parties, so little time. What’s the hot invitation at
this year’s TIFF?

invite? Two words: Vanity. Fair. Poobah Graydon Carter is zipping into
townliterally for a few hoursto host a party for a movie that is
co-directed by Tatiana von Furstenberg, daughter of the one and only
Diane. The only F-word here is fabulous.

Who would you most like to share a bag of popcorn with?
Moore? I jest. (Once I had a the distinct pleasure of interviewing him
while he ate a hamburger at Lobby. Good times.) I’d share a popcorn with
the extraterrestrial-in-a-good-way Tilda Swinton anytime. Name the place!

Where do you refuel between flicks?
I run back to my
boudoir at the Fairmont Royal York, where I bunker during the Festival.
Gold Floor, baby.

Last year Adrien and Gael hung out at the Dakota Tavern. Which
local hotspot will attract the stars this year?

I can see
the new Union, on Ossington, getting some low-key celebrity traffic. It
doesn’t hurt that its chef, cooking hunk Teo Paul, looks like he ought
to be in the movies!


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