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Something Borrowed

September 10, 2009

Scenario #1: Completely obsessed with Jack Bauer and 24, you
have all the DVD sets sitting on our shelf. And theyre collecting dust.

Scenario #2: The ceiling light in your condo is burnt out and no
combination of chairs and/or boosts can get you high enough to change
it. Do you buy a ladder just for this?

The answer: Borrow Me.

The Calgary-based company connects you with all sorts of inventory
available in your area. Whether its to borrow, to rent or to purchase
items, theres something for every need. Its creators call it eBay for
borrowing meets Facebook, where you set up an account and begin adding
what you have that youd like to sell, rent or lend and, in turn, what
you want.

Need a raft to float down the river? Rent it for $5. A four-wheel dolly
for the move? $4 to rent. Trying to get rid of an old futon? No need to
distribute flyers around the university.

We can’t wait to get our hands on that sod cutter!


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