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Fish for Friday

September 18, 2009

All those school dinners of soggy scampi and rubbery sole put us off
seafood for years. But these days, we cant get enough of it.

For the freshest, loveliest pick of the sea, we head to the recently
renovated Pisces Gourmet, where thick slabs of seabass, salmon and
swordfish await. Crustacean lovers will be clamouring for the B.C.
Dungeness crab and East Coast lobsters.

On our last visit we snapped up some East Coast halibut as well as some
fine Ontario pickerel to barbeque. The selection of sauces, marinades
and oils is hard to resist, and for the preoccupied cook, there are
plenty of pre-made delights like marinated skewers of salmon and tuna
and veggies.

Now thats a catch.

Pisces Gourmet, 1097 Yonge St., Toronto, 416-921-8888.


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