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Honey Bun

November 6, 2009

When it comes to compatibility, the classic pairing of a burger and
fries sets the standard.

We tested the mettle of our own budding relationship at Le
Gourmet Burger
, the newest face on the comfortfood scene. We both
started with a hearty beef patty ($5) but the truth of any good match is
in the toppings (from $1). We went boldly forward with brie and
caramelized fig walnuts, while our gent made old-school choices like
cheddar, bacon and coleslaw. We dippedour crisp sweet potato fries ($3)
into spicy mayo, while monsieur stuck to regular potatoes with ketchup.
Were we worlds apart or would opposites attract?

After a few delicious bites, burgers were swapped and fries were shared.
Final verdict? A match made in burger heaven.

Le Gourmet Burger, 1433B Bishop St., Montreal, 514-435-3535


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