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Let’s Go See the Stars

December 24, 2009

Once weve gobbled up every last crumb of Christmas pud, theres little
left to do but kick back and watch a flick.

With its star-studded cast from Penélope Cruz and Nicole Kidman to Judi
Dench and Sophia Loren, theres no way we are missing Nine
on the big screen.

Based on Federico Fellinis 1963 classic autobiographical film 8,
Rob Marshalls version focuses on Italian film director Guido Contini
(Day-Lewis) as he struggles to mount his ninth film while juggling the
seven women in his life: his wife (Cotillard), his mistress (Cruz), his
star (Kidman), his costume designer and confidante (Dench), his mother
(Loren), an American journalist (Hudson) and a prostitute (Fergie).

How better to spend Christmas night than watching a bevy of big screen
stars singing and dancing their hearts out? Dont mind us if we jump up
on our chair and join in.

Happy Christmas!

Nine is released on December 25, 2009,


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