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Charlotte’s Diamond

January 5, 2010

Weve never been terribly fond of math, but culture math is another
story. For instance: New Year + cold weather = cool new music.

And the recent record weve got on repeat is our girl crush Charlotte
Gainsbourgs latest, IRM.
Written and produced by Beck, the album is decidedly more alt than her
last, and here Becks electronic eclecticism and quirky percussion lends
itself well to Charlottes breathy vocals. Case in point, the title
track, short for "Imagerie par résonance magnétique," which we know as
MRI in English, incorporates Charlottes crooning over the pulsating
sounds of a medical machine and drumbeats. It sounds weird, but it works.

The rest of the rhythms that fuse French and English, including a cover
of the French Canadian Jean-Pierre Ferlands song Le chat du café des
artistes, are par excellence.

$16.99 at HMV,


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