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Book Smart

April 27, 2010

You are sitting at a bar waiting for your dinner date to arrive when
Michael Boltons doppelganger (pre-hair cut) approaches. Thankfully,
youve got a book to hide behind.

Olympia Le-Tans
genius clutches
($1,925) double as both book and bag. The
multi-talented Parisian (shes a DJ, journo and has worked at Chanel) was
inspired by the classic tomes that filled her childhood home.

"I was thinking there were all these beautiful books around and they
were being forgotten with everybody on the Internet, so I made it so
that you can carry them around," said Le-Tan.

Conversation starters (or squelchers, for that matter) and treasure
chests, these hand-knit gems have collectible written all over them.

Exclusive to The Room at The Bay, 176 Yonge St., Toronto, 416-861-6251,


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