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What’s for Dinner?

May 6, 2010

Mommy dearest,

I do love your kedgeree, but weve had it three days in a row. Lola
says my diet should be varied, organic, local and sustainable. Lets
discuss. Im free after Capoeira. Love, ME.

Alex Johnstons new
grocery service
focuses on fresh, regional food delivered straight
to your door. Provenance Regional Cuisine is the perfect solution for
time-pressed parents and professionals who care about what they eat.

Three meals are delivered every week and dishes include sustainable fish
soup with saffron, HOPE Eco-farms thick cut heritage pork chops and
Lovell Springs rainbow trout fillets.

Thats dinner sorted. Now, what to do about the precocious nine-year-old?

A single order costs $140.00 for the four-week cycle

Provenance, 800 Dundas St. W., Toronto,


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