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Too Cool For School

July 13, 2010

Located in the not-so-hallowed halls of high schools and hospitals,
cafeterias dont have the best associations. But put the concept in the
capable hands of Pied-à-Terres proprietors and its made très cool.

The only reminder that youre eating at a cafeteria is the name
(Cafeteria, naturally) and a menu that changes every day. You won’t find
wet trays or soggy fries here, just a range of filling, flavourful mains
like Rex Sole bathed in tomato, basil and olive oil ($18) alongside a
good selection of wine by the glass. And the 30-seat space, with its
silver table tops and a backsplash of bottles adorning the walls, is
sexier than any communal dining hall of yore we dreaded eating in.

Food fight!

Cafeteria, 2702 Main St., Vancouver, 778-317-3783.


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