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In the Swing of Things

July 29, 2010

We always thought no swinging was the number one rule of weight
training. Then we tried Kettlebell.

Founded in Russia and centuries old, Kettlebell
is all about the swing. The instructor makes it look easy as she guides
you through familiar moves (lunges and presses) and brand new ones like
the snatch and clean (no joke) with small cannonball-esque weights in
10, 15 or 17.5lb denominations. At first, we felt awkward, a bit like
Jennifer Coolidge trying to bend and snap in Legally Blonde,
but gradually we got into the flow. Kettlebell worked our glutes, quads,
hamstrings, and core. The key is balance and control so dont fret about
keeping up with the regulars and do plant yourself in the first row by
the instructor.

Classes at Energia
are 45 sweaty minutes long and get booked quickly in
advance ($18/class).

Energia Athletics, 164 Danforth Ave., Toronto, 416-406-6664,



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