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Vij’s Spice Advice

September 17, 2010

Their contemporary Indian cuisine continues to elicit eulogy, and now
the dynamic duo behind Vijs and Rangoli restaurants, Vikram Vij and
Meeru Dhalwala, have penned a second cookbook, Vijs
At Home: Relax, Honey
. We sat down with them in hopes of
squeezing out some secrets.

Whos the better cook?
Vikram Vij: I am.
Dhalwala: Personally, I think I am. But Vikram loves meats and I do
believe he is a better cook of meats.
VV: And vegetables.
MD: No
way. Absolutely not. Your strength is meats. Mine is the vegetarian.
Lets just say that I am the better cook.

Whats your favourite place to eat in Vancouver right now?
Home, when Vikram is cooking for me, because hes such a good cook [she
says cheekily].

Meeru, you sing the praises of goat meat as the leanest of all
meats, do you cook it at home and whos your source?

MD: He
loves cooking goat meat at home.
VV: I do. Its my meat of choice. On
Granville Island, Tenderland Meats has goat meat.
MD: A lot of the
ethnic markets do too.

Whats your favourite dish from the book?
MD: Right
this very minute, the Rapini and Shiitake Mushroom Curry. Probably
because its September right now and its a very fall tasting curry.

What key ingredients do you work with when cooking at home?
The basics are tomatoes, onions, garlic and butter. From the spice point
of view, for me it would be turmeric, cumin, some cayenne pepper,
because I like a hint of spice in the food, and coriander.
VV: For me
the basic ingredient is alcohol in the cupboard, because after youve had
a couple glasses of wine, everything else flows very easily.

Whats the key ingredient to a long, happy life?
Eating a good meal and eating it together.

Read and watch more of our interview on today’s Editors
Vijs At Home: Relax, Honey ($35) at Barbara-Jos
Books to Cooks, 1740 W. Second Ave., Vancouver, 604-688-6755,



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