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Time Traveler’s Life

November 3, 2010

We sat down with Erin Karpluk and Adam Fergus, stars of CBCs Being
, to talk about why the show, now in its third season and
showing in 160 countries worldwide, works, what it was like for Karpluk
(who plays Erica) growing up in Jasper, Alberta and the duos favourite
(and not so favourite) ’90s fashion moments.

What is it about the show that resonates with viewers?
Its the universal theme of regret. Regardless of where you are in the
world or what age you or what gender, or what class or religion or race,
everyone can identify with making mistakes and having regrets. That, and
the nostalgia of being able to go back in timeand listen to the music of
the ’90s-the hair and the fashion alone are really intriguing to some

Like the scrunchies you often wore in the first season when you
traveled back in time?

EK: Yes, the scrunchies and those
awful shirts that clip on that are like swimsuits. Those are a nightmare
because I have to wear them on the show and anytime you have to go to
the ladies room, its just an effort: Production, I will be back in 10

Do you remember what you wore in high school?
Well, I didnt wear the scrunchies! But you go through so many fads in
high school. I had the Red Hot Chili Peppers T-shirt and the Pearl Jam
T-shirt and stuff like that
EK: Did you have the Hypercolor T-shirt
that changed colour? Those were the worst idea, they changed colours in
your underarms. Chip and Pepper was cool. And certainly a big phenomenon
in Edmonton and Calgary, and that trickled down to Jasper because we
came here to shop, was the Club Monaco shirt, with that iconic circle. I
had one in three different colours and the mom jeans, we rocked those
out a lot and the Shannon Doherty bangs, I had those.
AF: I had the
undercut for guys, the parting in the middle and the undercut on the
side and the hair comes over the head and you try to get as long as you
can behind your ears.
EK: The music was good in the ’90s, I dont know
about the fashion.

Youre often called a Vancouverite because you are based there
now but you actually grew up in Jasper.

EK: Im an Alberta
girl through and through. I was lucky enough to do an interview on The
and they said, Youre from Vancouver, and I said, No, I am
actually from Jasper! And corrected them. I am biased but I think the
friendliest people are from Saskatchewan and Alberta. And just growing
up a in a small community where you dont lock your doors and everyone
knows your name and now going back with the show, its amazing the amount
of support. You are limited in some respects but its goodyou are a
little bit shelteredyou worry about bears but you dont worry about
peoplebut you learn.

Read (and watch) the rest of our interview with Erin and Adam on today’s Editors’



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