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December 17, 2010

When it comes to food, Hogtown has a lot to talk about. Getting in on
the conversation is PR guy Shawn Rusich, whose blog
is a fantastic resource for the latest and greatest restaurants, bars
and venues in town. We asked Shawn to spill on his favourite Holiday

Its hard to get a table at this time of year. Can you think of a few
Ive-left-it-to-the-last-minute restaurants where diners can go to grab a

A lot of top-notch restaurants dont take reservations
anymore. Torontos meat-centric right-of-passage Black
is a spot I frequent. The wait, though not usually too long, is
worth it. Café
usually has a small line, but the smell of garlic makes it
better. Luma and Nota
are both large enough to accommodate with a short wait. Lastly,
ever-popular Enoteca
reserves half of its restaurant for walk-ins.

The office party was a bore. Some decent bar hoping will make up
for it though. Where do you suggest?

For a good night, Ill
go to reservation-only Goodnight!
on Richmond. If its a casual night of beer drinking, we will definitely
head to Duggans
. Other stops would include, Brockton
(after 11 p.m.) and Parts
& Labour

With friends in town for a few nights, where do you take them
for a splash out pre-Christmas spread?

is a staple in my life. Its décor, ambiance, servers and well-prepared
food make it a cozy spot for catch-up, especially when its snowing. Well
go to Scott Conants Scarpetta
as well the newly opened Campagnolo on Dundas. If we cant get a
reservation at either of those, well pop by Union and have some Norman
Hardie Pinot Noir
at the bar while waiting for a table.

You get a budding gourmand in the office secret Santa. What to
give them?

Id pick up a selection of in-house roasted
coffee from Sense
, specifically K roast for its subtle scent of citrus.
Chocolate truffles from XOXOCAVA,
a selection of Hockley
, Hello Dollies from Bobette
& Belle
or a delicious bottle of Ontario Sparkling like Hinterland
Rose 2007

Boxing Day brunch is the best hangover helper. Can you suggest a

is the new It-Spot for the best brunch in the city thanks to Chef
Bangerter. If Im feeling a bit greasy spoon, Ill head to Toast
in Leslieville or to the tried-and-true Drake
l for its southern fried chicken with waffles.



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