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New York, New York

January 19, 2011

Goldilocks had a thing for squatting in quaint cottages and stealing
porridge in her younger years, but we think the grown-up gal would
prefer a slice of the Big Apple. There she can still have it allbig,
medium and small. Herewith, our NYC itinerary fit for a former fairytale
felon (and you):

Big bed
Since Goldys making her own money now, we
suggest she splurge on a spacious suite at The Pierre. The historical
address steps from Central Park recently underwent restoration, which
includes resplendent redone rooms. With impeccable special service,
youll feel like one of the big bears (Elizabeth Taylor, Yves
Saint-Laurent, Lauren Hutton) who once resided in the hotel. From $472,

Medium chair

The Brooklyn equivalent to that charming cabin
she once stumbled upon in the woods, Marlow
& Sons
is a café-cum-restaurant offering up the big girl needs,
mainly groceries, spirits and oysters, maybe even an artsy boy to tryst
with and retell her story. We tested the chairs, they didnt break, and
the food was just right.

Small pot

More than a pot of porridge, a girl needs some
strong brew to fuel her tromping through Times Square. The tiny new DEspresso
location at Madison Avenue and 42nd Street is a sight to see and sip.
Designed to look like a library tipped on its side, the floor is printed
with life-sized visuals of bookshelves, one wall a wooden floor, the
other sideways lights. Located close to the New York Public Library, G
can stop by afterwards to read Robert Southeys story on her childhood.

For a New York dose from the other side of the Brooklyn Bridge, click here.



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