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April 13, 2011

Round the corner of Queen West and Brock, and hello, Chelsea. The
Neubacher Shor Contemporary Gallery, with its 3,000 square feet of
semi-raw splendour and its just-opened garage door, has the
post-industrial air of Manhattan’s classic art district.

We wanted to come out with a big bang, says Manny Neubacher. He and Anya
Shor, his partner in art and in life, founded The Art Stylists a year
ago. This – a gallery doubling as The Venue for private events, which
will in turn fund exhibits – is their next step. Given the scale, we’d
call it a leap.

The first exhibit is a teaser, says Neubacher. It stars Ray Caesar,
Thrush Holmes, Aboriginal graffiti artist Andrew Dexel and nine others.
The works are capacious, like NSC’s New-York-in-the-’80s ambition.

The gallery should be a living, breathing space, Shor says, adding its
size makes possibilities almost limitless. She’s thinking full-room
projections, ceiling installations, performative art and so much
collaboration: film, music, art, fashion, digital media, contemporary

What bust? SNP

Neubacher Shor Contemporary Gallery is open Wednesday-Saturday. For
hours and information, or to book the space, visit


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