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Nectarine Clean

April 21, 2011

Of course we use eco-friendly cleaners at home all the time, but it
seems like its all for naught when were forced to toss out the huge
plastic bottles.

The majority of household cleaners contain 95 per cent water anyway, so IQs
re-usable bottle set
($5.49, including spray bottle with cleaning
solution and one refill cartridge) reduces plastic waste up to 80 per
cent by using small, concentrated refill cartridges ($2.49, sold
separately) that you just dissolve in water to create your cleaner. Made
from plant based and ecologically sustainable ingredients, the iQ line
includes All-Purpose Cleaner, Glass Cleaner, Floor Cleaner and Bathroom
Cleaner with fragrances like Green Tea, Bamboo Berry, Nectarine and Plum.

Now were true eco-domestic goddesses! JN

At Loblaws and Walmart,


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