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April 27, 2011

Models and actresses dress with a desperate hope to be seen by Anna
Wintour. But who does Anna Wintour dress to impress?

The answer is Bill Cunningham, the octogenarian New York Times
photographer who bikes from street scene to soirée, capturing la crème
de la crème of high society style for his columns On the Street and
"Evening Hours. In the new documentary film, Bill
Cunningham NY
, the camera is turned on the humble, unassuming
pioneer of street-style photography, giving us a brief glimpse behind
the lens of the man who considers fashion the armour to survive the
reality of everyday life.

If fashion is armour, consider us a foot soldier. Which makes Mme
Wintour the Commander and Chief. JN

Bill Cunningham NY opens in Montreal on April
29 at Cinema
du Parc


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