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May 6, 2011

More Than Pasta
is truly pasta made easy. And I know what youre thinking: How could
pasta possibly get any easier? But we mean easy on the stomach,
digestible, and better yet, almost entirely guilt-free.

Recently opened on Ossington’s east side, More Than Pasta crafts kosher,
gluten-free products that are rich in soy and vegetable protein. What’s
left when you abandon the traditional flour and egg recipe? Five grams
of protein for every 60 gram serving, and far fewer carbs than the other

Executive chef Roderick Strike explains the simple mission: to give
pasta-loving diabetics, vegans, and plain ol health nuts a new
alternative. He suggests that I try a best-seller: basic linguine with a
cilantro-pesto sauce. A meal for two is just $10.

Naturally, the pasta doesnt taste like regular pasta. The dense noodles
and grainy texture make it feel heartier; a little goes a long way. I
was totally satisfied after just one serving. And the sauce? Just as
perfect as the linguine it was poured on. Finally, a fast, affordable
meal that didnt weigh on my conscience, or too badly on the scale the
next dayproving that More Than Pasta is actually, in a way, less. Carli

More Than Pasta, 121 Ossington Ave., Toronto,


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