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Top 5: Food Carts

May 6, 2011

It was tough work having to eat great food on a gorgeous spring day, but
someone had to do it!

, Granville and Georgia
Brought to us by the
beloved West End restaurant, La Brasseries cart does one thing and one
thing only: a great sandwich. Were talking rotisserie chicken,
mouthwatering but light, with deep fried onions added for crunch, all
served on a buttermilk bun ($7). Need we say more?

Kaboom Box
, Granville and Robson
The epitome of West
Coast cuisine, The Kaboom Box has an extensive menu that caters to
pretty much everyone. From an epic hot smoked salmon sandwich, fish and
chips, to both venison and veggie burgers. Our favourite? The Gulf
Island Fried Oyster PoBoy (market price), the perfect combination of
smoothness and crunch.

, location varies
The most infamous of all the
food carts, this one is hard to miss. Just look for the big red Roaming
Dragon truck! Although we are impatient when it comes to waiting, we
will gladly stand in line any time of the day for their Korean short rib
tacos (2 for $6). Why? The combination of braised ribs, sautéed spinach,
mushrooms and kimchi all wrapped up in a perfect little soft tortilla.

Elis Serious
, Beatty and Dunsmuir
Of course, we have to
include a sausage, the granddaddy of street food. Eli sources his from a
local, fifth generation sausagemaker, and serves it on a caraway seed
bun made by a local Polish bakery. This is no ordinary hot dog cart
though: Eli serves currywurst ($6), one of Germany’s favourite street
foods, where the sausage is served up with ketchup and curry powder.

, Georgia and Hornby
We cant think of anything more
comforting than their Southern style BBQ pulled pork sandwich ($7). If
you think you cant finish one of these bad boys yourself, think again.
Its the real deal: smoked to perfection, messy, served with cole slaw,
and cherished with every bite.

Believe or not, theres
an app for that
! AG



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