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The A-B-Cs of Aberfoyle

May 18, 2011

Every weekend, dealers and deal-seekers converge at Aberfoyle
Antiques Market
, just outside Guelph. A designers dream, these
twenty teeming acres would make even the Collyer Brothers blush. But
hidden in the clutter are plenty of gems; you just have to know how to

1. Go Early or Go Home.
Serious pickers dont sleep in. If you
want the trip to be worth your while (and the truck rental), get there
for gate-open: 8 a.m. P.S. Unless you like hot dogs and Grape Crush,
pack a lunch.

2. Bring Cash. No vendors accept plastic, and ATM lines
are looong.

3. Avoid Specialized (Read: Pricier) Booths. Want an
old comic book? Try a vendor with an assortment of stuff rather than one
with just comics. Most often, he or she will charge less than the dealer
with an M.A. in Marvel Studies.

4. Get the Two-For-One. If you see something you really
like, take another lap around the booth and find something else. Most
vendors offer a bargain for the both. And yes, prices are

5. Bring Your Own Bags. To avoid tiring, time-consuming
trips to and from the car, purchases in hand, bring bags. Once you’ve
paid the vendor, theyll often agree to put your purchase behind the
booth in a bag. When you’re through, circle back and take it all home in
one go.

Carli Stephens-Rothman


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