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The Girl with the Dragon Tartare

June 10, 2011

When it comes to deciding between the raw and the cooked, well take ours
sashimi-style every time.

We dont have to choose one or the other at Ryu,
Montreals latest izakaya-style Japanese tapas restaurant designed for
those who like to sample and share. We started with the addictively
crispy popcorn shrimp ($11) along with the perfect two-bite mini lobster
tacos in shells made from wonton wrappers ($12). Slices of velvety
Hamachi with slices jalapenos ($12) provided the perfect hit of heat,
while a plate of fresh red snapper sashimi ($9) has a lightly sweet
sauce. We loved the innovative selection of sushi, but absolutely
devoured the ceramic-plate cooked miso-marinated black cod toban yaki.

I guess sometimes we do like our seafood with a little bit of sizzle.

Ryu, 288 Laurier St. W., Montreal, 514-439-6559,


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