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June 17, 2011

Whoever said "you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it
drink"has not seenthe spectacle that is Cavalia.
In fact, drinking water is a miniscule request.

This horse-powered show boasts the largest touring tent in the world and
it is currently pitched at Canada Olympic Park’s pinnacle. Fifty-one
horses are camped out there as well, granted "camping" is used loosely
when their accommodations are the stallion equivalent of a Ritz Carlton.

Some show highlights include a jaw-dropping performance from Sylvia
Zerbini who works her horse whispering magic on eight unbridled
horsesRobert Redford has nothing on this woman! Roman riding is also
incorporated and involves a rider standing on two galloping geldings,
splitting the difference, with one foot on each. Groin pulling good
times indeed.

With a combination of awe inspiring artists, dramatic visual effects and
some horsin’ around, you had better giddy up and get at er’ because
Cavalia is only in Calgary until June 26. Kristin Hursh

Tickets from $49.50; Cavalia under the white top at COP until June 26,


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