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Press’d Play

August 31, 2011

Its not a panini. Its Pressd.

Exclusive to Edmonton, Pressd
The Sandwich Company
has opened its second location in the Courtyard
Block on bustling Jasper Ave. The brainchild of three former University
of Alberta varsity basketball players (and yes, there is a Golden Bear
sandwich on their hot pressd menu), this healthy little deli has
one-upped Subway times three, and introduced local, unique ingredients
on a selection of breads baked the morning-of (choose from pumpernickel
rye, focaccia, wheat or white), paired with zesty, homemade soups (like
the Cream of Potato with Bacon or Tomato Bisque) and flavourful salads
with a crunch (like the Broccoli Crunch, that is).

Now, if only their made-to-order sandwiches were made-to-order
everywhere. Subway should be feeling the pressure. Caroline Gault

Half sandwich ($4.49) or full ($7.49), Pressd The Sandwich Company,
Courtyard Block, 11214 Jasper Ave.,Edmonton, 780-756-5707,


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