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Women Welcome

October 13, 2011

Weve come a long way from the days of being barred from bars on account
of our ladybits. Luckily bars have come a long way, too.

Newly opened Old Montreal eatery, Taverne
, sports a saucy subtitle Bienvenue aux Dames, along with the
original stone supporting walls of the old potato distribution site
overlooking the Old Port. But thats all the history youll get at the
newly renovated space, with modern fare mixing British gastro pubs with
French flair. We started with a refreshing Moscow Mule that finished
with a hot ginger kick, along with a trio of flaky meat pies, including
beef and blue cheese, Tourtière and chicken pot pie ($9) before moving
on to a satisfyingly earthy asparagus and mushroom salad with truffle
vinaigrette ($10). If you love fried chicken, the juicy and
well-seasoned crispy legs and breasts served alongside a buttermilk
biscuit, fries and coleslaw ($19) will more than satisfy. Finish with a
densely delicious pecan pie, and youll agree…

Women are more than just welcome here. Theyre treated like queens.
Jennifer Nachshen

Taverne Gaspar, 89 Rue de la Commune E., Montreal, 514-392-1649,


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