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Permanent Vacation

October 20, 2011

When it comes to hosting houseguests we keep it simple: a stack of fresh
towels at the end of the bed, some posh hotel slippers and a secret
stash of shortbread for late-night munchies.

On the bedside table is the quintessential "little
black book
", (although its lavender) that beelines our stylish
Toronto guests to the citys gems. As with all Hg2 travel books, the
Toronto edition is packed full of flashy pics, insider tips and
suggestions on where to eat, drink and play.

All the usual suspects made the cutDrake, Splendido, Courage My Lovewith
a few off radar picks like Swans End Guest House and Camp 4.

Your guests will be having so much fun that they wont want to leave, at
which point you confiscate the shortbread. Athena Tsavliris


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