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Flying high

January 5, 2012

There was a time when lounges were exclusive to first class flyers and
their monogrammed valises. These days, anyone with $50 to spare, can
sink into a designer swivel chair with a copy of Monocle while waiting
to board.

The Maple
Leaf lounge
is an easy place to pass the hours. Heres why:

The selection of magazines is as good as it is broad. From fashion to
sports and cooking, theres a title for every traveller.

With a gazillion miles behind you and a fair few more to come, a
refreshing shower feels like heaven.

Bypass rubbery chicken on board and load up here instead. A selection of
agnolotti, crudités, cheeses and artisan breads hit the spot.

Comfy leather armchairs are kinder on the bottom than those aluminum
upright chairs littering the terminal and the hidden nooks are perfect
for napping.

Bon Voyage.

Athena Tsavliris


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