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We’re drawing the line (on the duvet!)

February 29, 2012

Drawing on paper is nice, but let’s face it: Any surface that feels
illegal is so much more fun just ask Banksy.

But because heading out in the middle of night to graffiti the
neighborhood isnt really our thing, were taking our craft to other
unusual surfaces, namely duvet covers and tablecloths from Doodle
by Stitch

Pieces in the Stitch range, available at Mortimer Snodgrass, are set to
look like a giant piece of graph paper and come with a set of eight
ready-to-doodle-with markers. Kids young and old can go wild decorating
it, and after a quick trip to the washing machine, its ready for more.

Verdict? No kids birthday party should be without! Christine Laroche

Mortimer Snodgrass, 56 Notre-Dame W., Montreal, 514-499-2851,


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