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The Fugly Truth

May 30, 2012

Three is better than one, at least when it comes to artsy theatre gals.
The Janes is a new Calgary-based performance creation company and their
play Fugly playing
May 30 to June 2 cuts right to our vain hearts.

Fugly pokes at the ugly truth of our neuroses including perspectives
on beauty vanity, sexuality and gender. Fugly is a
folk-legend-fairy-tale-comedy-type play about a heroine who loses her
mind and has to rebuild her identity, which is tricky for someone who
lived her life trying to be something else.

Mirror, mirror on the stage you make us laugh while we cringe at our own
wackiness. Jaelyn Molyneux

Tickets $15, The Janes, Motel at the Epcor Centre, 205 8 Ave. SE.,
Calgary, 405-294-9494,


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