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June 1, 2012

It feels good to be Adam Lambert right now.

His new album, Trespassing,
slammed into the #1 slot in both Canada and the U.S. last week. He’s
hitting his stride, while wearing some bloody killer shirts.

I feel swooning over Adam Lambert is completely justified. Sure, ladies,
he’ll never sleep with you, but he’ll also never let you down. I
followed Adam for a day-in-the-life photo project, and found he truly
has a limitless capacity for graciousness. He runs from event to event
and just never quits. He will always sign one more autograph, he’s
always laughing, and he will always answer your question – even if it’s
offensive, and he’s been asked it 497 times before.

So for those reasons alone, I think he deserves your time.

But, incidentally, the new album is killer. During an autograph session
I started jamming to the music in the background, asked the publicist
what was playing (like a tool), and it was (of course) his new album. So
I legitimately, bias-free, really dug it.

For an insight into our day together, here are some of my favourite


xo Holland



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