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Let it Grain

July 18, 2012

Dont judge me Jamie, but I feed my children cake from a packet.

Now before you get all preachy, let me stress that its not just any old
mix I use. The folks at Grainstorm
want us to Bake Like Its 1849 and to that end are producing wonderful
mixes bursting with 100 per cent organic goodness. Everything from the
wheat to the sugar to the baking soda is pre-industrial.

I use the Golden Kamut loaf mix (just add eggs, butter, olive oil and
yoghurt) but there are plenty to choose from, like oatmeal, red fife and
ancient grains. Youll find plenty of easy-as-pie recipes on the back of
the package.

Its the best thing since sliced bread. Athena Tsavliris

From $7.95, Grainstorm,


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