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Tweet, Tweet, There’s A Fire

September 5, 2012

Good design, and its increased accessibility, has meant that everyday
household products like dishracks, toilet roll holders, and door handles
are all available in stylish or modern versions. But wed never seen a
cool smoke detector, until now.

Instead of a flat, circular device on the ceilings of your hallways, the Chick-a-Dee
smoke detector
is a little bird that perches on a branch, and tweets
gently if there is a small detection of smoke. In more serious
circumstances, the bird will shout, "Dee-dee-dee."

At $80, its more expensive than a normal smoke alarm, but we also know
that good design rarely comes cheap, and this one is more forgiving if
its just the usual case of burnt steaks. We are chirping with joy.
Alexandra Suhner Isenberg

Chick-a-Dee smoke detector, $80 at


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